Trusting someone to manage your brand is an important decision which cannot be taken lightly. Proper brand management requires careful coordination and communication to ensure proper positioning in the market. We prefer to work in partnership with our suppliers which allows us to learn all we need to know to effectively communicate the brand to the market.


    Creating your story for the market

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Brand Management

The first step in developing a brand management strategy is do our homework and gather all of the necessary information to make an informed decision.

Working together, we craft a custom market entry plan including analyzing all elements of products, pricing, promotion, and placement.

Products: Through sharing our own experience as well as talking to target consumers, we provide insight into the market to confirm there is acceptance for the product assortment. If revisions are necessary, we have resources within our partner network that can assist with adjusting recipes and/or taste profiles for the U.S. consumer. We later test these revisions to make sure we get it right.

Pricing: We understand the supply chain challenges which must be factored in to develop a realistic pricing model. Once we understand the pricing matrix, we can work to develop a price offering which maximizes profit potential with the right combination of margin and maximum sales impact.

Promotions: Crafting a promotional strategy is often more complicated than it may seem. We work within given budgets to develop a marketing mix which maximizes marketing spend efficiency while realizing sales objectives of both manufacturer and retailer.

Placement: Our market knowledge within multiple sales channels allows us to develop a distribution strategy which maximizes the opportunity for sales volume based on the unique characteristics of the product. Whether it is specialty food shops, warehouse clubs, discounters, or traditional supermarkets, we can develop a strategy to gain placements in the right channels to deliver on the sales objectives.
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