Success in any new market relies on three critical factors: great products, a well planned strategy, and successful sales execution. We work in partnership with our supply partners to develop a plan for success in all three critical areas.


    Undertand the obvious.

    Prepare for the unexpected.

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Market Analysis

Before entering a new market, especially one as large as the U.S., we encourage our supply partners to learn and understand as much as possible before making a decision to enter the market. By first conducting an in-depth market assessment, we can minimize the influence of cognitive bias in the decision making process. Once a decision to move forward has been made, we move to the next phase which includes pursuing a brand management or private label solutions offering.

We can customize our analysis on a particular area of interest, but generally we focus on the following areas:

Category Analysis

+ Category overview
(size, growth rates)
+ Trends and driving forces
+ Competitive analysis
+ Branded and private label positioning matrix

Market Analysis

+ Distribution and sales channels
+ Logistics and supply chain
(sea freight, warehousing, domestic transport)
+ Industry cost structure and pricing review
+ Geographic and demographic factors
+ Regulatory environment
(FDA, USDA, U.S. Customs)
+ Go-To-Market strategy and tactics
+ Distribution channel identification
+ Key retail sales targets
+ Basic marketing strategy
+ Pricing scenarios
+ Estimated market entry/expansion costs
+ Timeline and action plan
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Things aren't always as they appear! This is what we call the Similarity Trap.

Despite the many similarities you see, the U.S. market is unique in many ways. Often these similarities can lead to a false sense of confidence about understanding retailer and consumer mindsets.

We bridge the cultural gap of understanding to ensure both product development and the sales plan takes these differences into account.

Don't expect what you want to see, but be prepared for what the market expects from you. We will make you aware of the "unexpected" in business practice and culture. The U.S. market will not change for you and this understanding is the first step to adaption.
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